Gender Prediction...

So, my good friend Tara suggested that I give some answers to the gender predictions and then put a poll on my blog. they are!! I can't wait to see what everyone thinks we are having. =)

Here we go!!!

Cravings:  Meat (especially at the beginning, but I can still tell if Idon't eat it for a day or two I NEED it.) Potatoes, this is still a craving of mine, I eat potatoes with everything. Aversions: Desserts. Yuck.  They still sound bad to me.  I usually love desserts but I have not wanted them throughout the entire pregnancy.  I will still eat candy as you have seen on my surveys, I still crave candies like Spree, sweet tarts and those sorts of sweets.  I think this means BOY!

Heart rate: It has varied between 140's-160's since 12 weeks.  When we went in for our 20 week ultrasound the tech said that it was 142 and that was not helpful for us to know the gender. lol. For the most part it has been higher than that. I think this one means GIRL!

Shape of Belly: Watermelon or Basketball? I am not sure?!? I have not gained weight anywhere else but the belly so that usually means boy. I think this ones means BOY!

Hair on Legs: More hairy = boy and same or less = girl.  I would say mine has stayed about the same. I think this one means GIRL!

"Prettiness":  So I have also heard that if you "glow" you are having a boy if you feel like your acne is worse and your hair is aweful and you just don't seem to feel as pretty or as put together as before you were pregnany then it is a girl. They say this is because the girl takes away from the mother's beauty. So for this one I think it means GIRL! My acne was worse my hair is completely out of control and overall trying to feel like i am put together and "feel pretty" has been more difficult since being pregnant. Hence why I have not taken many pictures throughout the pregnancy. =)

Morning Sickness: Practically None! And I feel super blessed for feeling so great during the first trimester of my pregnancy. I think this one means BOY!

Chinese Gender Predictor: BOY!

Mother intuition: Well, I have leaned towards boy from the very beginning but have not let myself "think" it is a boy, just in case my initial intuition is wrong.  I also think it is because there have been a lot of girls born lately at our church and for goodness sake we need a boy! =) haha! So, all that to say if I had to give an intuition I would say BOY!

BOY = 5
GIRL = 3

Please take the poll and let me know what you think! I can't wait to hear every ones opinion on this!! =) So exciting! We will know in 15.5 weeks!! It seems like a long time but then there are times when I feel like that day will be here REALLY soon!!! =)


Larissa said…
All 4 of my babies had heart rates in a similar range ... usually around the 140s. I gained weight all over with my first two boys, I only gained in the belly with my 3rd boy, and I gained all over with my girl. I never really took note of hair on the legs, so I can't speak to that one.
I was sick as I could be with all of my boys ... and it got worse with each boy and lasted longer with each boy. However, morning sickness with my girl was completely different! It wasn't nearly as bad, I didn't feel bad every single minute of every day like I did with the boys, and it was completely gone by about 12-13 weeks.
So, if all of that doesn't confuse you anymore ... it will give you something to think about. It's so much fun to think about what baby George will be, though!
Lauren Faison said…
I'm guessing girl!!! Whatever the gender they are going to LOVE their Aunt Lucy!!
Tara said…
So glad that you did this!!!! I'm so torn because there are times I really think its a boy and then there are other times I think its a girl:) But tonight, I'm voting boy because that's the way I'm leaning :) Either way, I'm so thrilled for you and excited to meet him/her!
Hannah said…
I've been thinking it's a boy ever since you announced you were pregnant! However, I will say that none of the gender prediction stuff was right for me that I can remember. Belly shape, morning sickness, prettiness, etc...all would have pointed to boy, but I got Evangeline instead! haha I can't wait to find out what you're having and see pictures of him or her!
Cindy Lou said…
hmmm.... I going to say... BOY!