Lessons Learned....Blessed be the name of the Lord...

I wrote this 3 months ago and have been waiting for the right time to post it. I have written quite a few short things about all that I have learned through this life trial. I am still learning and I still have to have an attitude check every once in a while. I am thankful for all that I have learned and how the Lord has molded me to be more like Him.

It's been two months (almost to the day) that we left our church (our job) and while in some ways it has been such a relief in other ways it has been stressful and downright hard. I am a planner and I like to have everything planned out. I have my 5year "plan" and my 10 year "plan" but sometimes God says, "That might be your plan but it's not MY plan for you!" I have learned so much about trusting God (see my last post) and I have also learned a lot about realizing that when things don't go the way I want or the way I *think* they should go God still loves me. I have been a believer since I was 5yrs old. Now, granted, my life with Christ has grown and changed over the years. There have been different challenges and they have made me more like Christ. I wish I could say that I always had the right attitude and I was always happy about my circumstances. But that would be a lie. It is hard and I feel like the last 2 months I have struggled more than ever and in that struggle I have grown more than ever.

Just this morning, I was reading an article that a lady wrote about losing her baby at 9 months pregnant. As I was reading her article, my stomach sank and I thought, Dear God, my body would not be able to physically take something like that happening to me. After what I have been through the last 6 months there is NO. WAY!! How is this woman doing it!?! As article went on the lady was saying that she rested in the book of Job and God let Satan take so much from Job, even all his children in 1 day! Say What?!?!? I have read Job and I knew that all that happened. The Lord used this article by a stranger and her sharing about resting in the Scriptures; to show me that my life is GOOD! God does love me always has and always will. The Lord cares about my family and has provided for us in the last few months in ways I never would have imagined!!

Oh Lord, Thank you for revealing to me Scriptures about a man that has such faith! I have my husband and my kids. The Lord could take so much more from me and I need to be like Job and rest in You, oh Lord!! No matter what comes my way, I will rest in the God who loves and who cares for me more than anyone else ever could! That is why I am here doing what I am doing. Lord, help my life circumstances be an encouragement to someone else, just like the lady in this article I read and like Job. Absolutely amazing and honorable!

There is so much to learn! Even things I have read many times before in the Scripture resinate with me differently when I am in different circumstances. Life isn't going to be easy as a believer in Christ but it is always rewarding!!

"Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!"
"The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!"