Football Game...Wet, Cold, and Fun!!

Derek and I went to the South Florida - NCSU football game with my family. there were a few scattered showers predicted but we though that a little rain wouldnt hurt anybody! It was the 2nd quarter and it started to drizzle rain a little. We biggie we are serious football fans and we are going to stick it out. About 5 minutes later the whole sky let loose and it started POURING!! I was not feeling well so Derek decided that we should go back to the car. With little surprise to us my Father was still watching the game. He was smart and went under the shelter before it started pouring to hard. It was a lot of fun and REALLY wet! It was at half-time that we decided we were too wet to try and stay for the rest of the game. Unfortunately but no surprise to us NCSU lost 41-10. It was a sad, dreary, wet game. But it was also a fun experience. :-) Go Pack!! :-)