So Everyone Else is Doing It!!

So many of the people I know have been doing this yearbook yourself. This is what Derek and I would look like in different years from the past.

Amanda 1960

Derek 1968

Amanda 1966

Derek 1976

Amanda 1984


Amber Bowen said…
Hilarious! I did the 1960 one and looked scarily like the stereotype of a 1960's librarian carrying a lizard purse! I also did the 1984 one...which was VERY scary. I looked like Stormie Omartian in her aerobics videos. :)


Lots of love my old roomie and roomie-in-law!
Betharoo said…
LOL! The one of you with the BIG
80's hairdo is shockingly realistic!
Betharoo said…
I just showed your crazy hairdo pics to Candace and she says:
"Why Amanda! What BIG hair you have!"