Can I just say... I Love Marriage!! Being married to Derek has been one of the greates things that has ever happened in my life (I think Derek feels the same way) :-)! It is great to be able to share everything with the person you love the most (under Jesus Christ). It awesome to go to bed at night, with my best friend and be able to sit together and read the Bible and pray. I look forward to going to bed because I get to talk to Derek until he falls asleep. We would do this when we were dating except that it was on the phone and I would get upset when he would fall asleep now I just roll over and go to sleep too! It is so wonderful! People would tell me that marriage is great but I have just realized how much I really do LOVE being married to Derek. He is a great and godly man and I am so glad that the Lord brought us together to become man and wife. Derek exceeds above and beyond what kind of man I could have ever dreamed of marrrying!! He is an amazing man and I am the blessed girl that gets to be married to him!! :-) Marriage is great...thats my point! :-)


Mom B said…
Beautifully spoken and it shows!