Working and everything else going on in our Lives! :)

So...yesterday afternoon Amber calls me and needs a ride to the airport. I change my plans and figure out how to get her to the airport. She is traveling to London and then on to Milan to visit with the missionary family she will be working with for 2 years!

Derek and I go and drop her off (we make her take out cash because neither of us EVER travel without a little cash...just in case). We gave her hugs and sent her off. She said her plane was to leave at 6:30pm.

I was sitting at my desk writing a paper and at 7:58pm I get a phone call and my phone says that Amber is calling. My heart immediately dropped and I got a knot in my stomach. I knew something was wrong.

I answered and Amber says, "Well, I am not on a plane. I was waiting for my flight to leave and had an hour and a half so I was talking to my Dad on my cell phone. I got up and grabbed my things and was pacing around. All of a sudden I looked down and my purse was gone. I was frantic and had the airport security looking everywhere. No one could find it. The security said that someone could turn it in tomorrow." Hearing a crack in her voice she says, "Amanda, I am home." Derek and I prayed for her right there on the phone and just prayed that whatever God wants to happen will happen.

I get a call this morning from her saying Her purse was FOUND! What are the chances. This was an amazing blessing from the Lord. One of the things we talked about last night was that if her purse was found she would go one with her trip one day later. She is leaving tonight!!

I asked her about anything being stolen and she said that the only thing stolen was the cash we made her take out! At least it was only $20.00.

Praise the Lord Amber is on her way to Milan! :)

As for the rest of us...

Derek is at work at Lowes and I am at work, filling in for a girl that is out. It happens to be the job I have my resume in for. We keep praying for that as well.

This has been the life of the George's lately! :)