The First George Family Christmas Tree.

We officially have the first George family Christmas Tree!!!!! :D

So apparently this is how the George's pick out a Chrsitmas tree.

1. We go to Lowes b/c we are poor and we get a discount when we go there! :)
2. The first tree we look at was a 7-8 foot tree.
3. Amanda tells Derek, lets go look at the 6-7ft. trees because they are cheaper.
4. As we are looking at the 6-7 foot trees someone comes to the 1st tree we looked at the picks it up. Derek wispers to Amanda, "They have OUR tree!!!"
5.The people set the tree back down and...
6. Derek, says..."ok, I was jealous when the other people picked up the tree...I think that means that that one is the first George Family Christmas tree!" :)

So...that is the George way to pick out a Christmas tree!! haha!! :)

Here are some pictures. They are out of order because my computer is wierd but you will get the main idea!! :)

We went to Bojangles before we got our tree. We may make that a tradition!! :D YUM!! :D

What a fun day this was!!! :)


Amber Bowen said…
Hahaha! Okay, if you see him stroking the tree as he walks by I would start getting worried. Hey, how come we didn't have an "Amber and Amanda Christmas Tree"?? Love the ornaments! It looks great! I'll have to stop by probably either wednesday night or sometime thursday to check it out!! LOVE YOU GUYS!
haha!! Amber you are too funny!! :) He does love the tree. It is really cute! You must come and see it! It is the perfect little tree! :)
Mom B said…
Very nice tree and I love the blue ornaments! Bojangles should definately become a part of the George Annual Christmas Tree Shopping Adventure~wonderful tradition to start!
Amanda! Cute blog and precious tree :)