Friday, December 12, 2008

Graduation, Pomp and Circumstnace, Freezing Cold...

Today marks my last day of college for the rest of my life!! It was a great feeling and a sad one!! :) I had an emotional couple of hours that started when the professors were walking by going into the chapel. We (all the graduates) clapped for them as they walked by. I thought about all the peope I met all the professors that help me through these years and now we are thanking them for this day where we walk across the stage and get out diploma. That is what started the teary eyes. I sat with classmates that I have known for years knowing that this was the last of our college career. What a day it was!! I love all my friends and I love the professor but I will NOT miss the stressful times of studying!! YEAH!! It is over!! :) Thank you for everyone who has helped me through! Derek got one thing that I did not at my graduation...He got to stand and be recognized as a spouse of a graduate. It was so COOL!! :) haha!! I love it!! All my family was so sweet and I have enough graduation money to get the camera that I want. I am super excited!

Here are a few pictures that Derek took while I was graduating!! :)

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Betharoo said...

Yay! Hip, hip, hooray! You go girl!