Wising Up!!

I (Amanda) joined a Bible study that is led by a lady named Tara Dew. I work with her mom and I had her husband for a class in the college. We had our first Bible study meeting yesterday (Monday). I learned so much even in just one day. It was wonderful. The Bible study will be going through the book of Proverbs. It is a Beth Moore study but Tara wrote the workbook to go along with the DVD we watch on Monday nights. I am so excited to see what God is going to teach me this semester through this Bible study. I have already learned so much. God has really shown me how big He is and how small I am. I have so much to learn from this might God that I serve. I am thinking that this Bible study is going to be a great place to learn more and more from and about the might God that I serve. I will probably update every once in a while about the Bible study and how it is going. :)

So...I have not updated the blog recently because I normally update with pictures and well...my computer literally has 1GB of memory left so it is running kind of slow. I cannot load up anymore pictures or I will not be able to run my computer. I am hoping that after my birthday I will be able to get a new computer. I will update with pictures of the New Year and fun stuff like that later when I have more room on my computer or hopefully... a new one!!

~Ta-ta for now!!~



Tara said…
Amanda- I am so glad that you are coming to Wising Up and enjoying it! Your encouragement means so much to me! See you tonight!