Old Navy Weekly.com

I just found out yesterday that oldnavyweekly.com has coupons. They have unlimited coupons that are 5% and 10% off your entire purchase but then as I looked into it if you are quick enough you can catch deals that are $50 and $75 dollars of $100 purchase. So if you catch it right you can get $100 dollars worth of clothes for $25. You have to buy from in store but still that is a screaming deal!! They update the coupons on Thursday nights. I think you have to be on the website at like 8 or 9pm EST to get them. I think... I am going to try tonight to get the saving!! How awesome!!


Tara said…
I just found out about this site too! Did you get any coupons? I found one for $5 off a $25 purchase. Not too shabby!