Free Stuff and a New Kitchen Rack

So...I have been playing the grocery game and saving lots of money. Derek and I have enough food to eat every meal at home except maybe one or two when we will go out together. It has been great. Well, I have been grocery shopping at Harris Teeter for about 14 weeks now and today I was eligible for a free $25 gas card. That is at least 1 tank of gas for me!! :) I also got a few other things for free. Derek and I have not had to buy toothpaste for months because that is another thing that we have been getting free on a regular basis. :)

Free Stuff - This week!! :)

Also...we got a late wedding gift. It was a little money so we got this bakers rack we had been eyeing at Lowes!! It is GREAT!! :)


Lauren Faison said…
YAY for free stuff!
Amber Bowen said…
Looks good! Why did we never get that baker's rack before? It looks great and I'm sure you are LOVING the extra counter and storage space! Wait, it's probably because we never got a late wedding present! :) Love you and miss you both!!