One Holiday I like...

So as many of you know, I (Derek) am not the biggest fan of Holiday's. But one is coming that I do get very excited about. Let me explain myself. There are very few true Christian holidays left. Many started with good intentions, but we know where good intentions lead. Also looking at the fact that many holidays have very little or no meaning. I think some of them are derived to stimulate our economy. Valentines days was made by Hallmark and Hershey's. St. Patrick's day originated by celebrating the day the gospel was taken to Scotland but now has more to do with drinking green beer and leprechauns.(Not sure how that happened) Memorial Day and Labor day remind us of our freedom, but we are not to worship our country. Don't get me started on Christmas and what American's have done to that one. Money Money Money and a baby Jesus in a manger. Very few people will hear the true story of Christmas or even get excited about the fact that God became a man.

On Friday the 10th, "Good Friday," we celebrate the day that God, became a man and died. The first gift given on that first Christmas was God giving His only unique son. This son is why we celebrate Christmas. But that gift was wrapped on "Good Friday" The God who became flesh and dwelt among us died on an old nasty Roman cross. He was pierced for our transgressions. He was crucified for our sins. When the darkness settled down for three hours around the cross God the Father looked His son in the face as he laid the sins of this world upon him. And Jesus died. But the day we all should celebrate. The day that every Christian should make a big deal about. The one day that no matter how hard the world tries they cannot take away the meaning of Easter is this coming Sunday. The day the christmas gift was opened. The day of the resurrection. I get excited about this day. If it were not for this there would be no salvation. If Christ had not risen from the dead there would be no reason for Seminaries, Missions, or even the Church. Every other leader is still in their grave. Not our Jesus. Not our God... So Stand up Sunday morning with a smile. Remember that Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus and his victory over death. Get excited, invite people to Church and share your story along with the story of Jesus with them. Make a big deal over Easter.

Serving the Servant,

P.S. While sitting here writing the lyrics keep ringing in my head, "Sing with me how Great, How Great is our God..."


Mom B said…
Nice post Derek! And yes, How Great is our God. Have a blessed day as you celebrate His glorious resurrection~