Doctrine of Man

I was working on my Doctrine of Man essay for Theology and thinking about a statement Dr. Nelson made in Class. Dr. Nelson pointed out in class that man was created for three reason. (1) To Bring Glory to God. (2) So man may delight in God. And the last one through me through a mental loop. (3) So God may delight in man. He used to text of scripture to back this up:

Isa 62:5- "So shall your God rejoice over you." and Zephaniah 3:17- "He will rejoice over your with singing."

Alright that has to be some amazing singing but it is also very humbling. God created us so He may delight in us. How much more does that mean our sins hurt God. How much more should our Salvation mean to us though. What God created to delight in turned and He did not destroy, He redeemed. Just some thoughts to think on. Remember that God rejoices in us and that He sings when we are redeemed and returned to Him. I can't wait to hear our God sing out loud one day. How amazing is it that our God is not a far off God who does not care. Our God loves us and wants to personally know us! What an amazing God we serve!

Serving the Servants,


Jen said…
so encouraging. thanks derek!!
Amber Bowen said…
Where's the Aristotle quote in that sermon? :) Just kidding. That was very encouraging. Truly thoughts too vast for us to comprehend. Love you guys!