Good News!! :)

Friends and Family,

We got good news at the doctor today. The dermatologist said that the spot on my leg was not Mycosis Fungoides. He said that it was a pigment discoloration. So apparently my skin just did a funny thing on my right leg. Wierd but I will take that over cancer! :) We are very excited and we are very thankful for all the prayers! :) Thank you all!! :) I do go back to the dermatologist in 3 months so I will update again when I go back but he pretty much told me it was nothing and not to be concerned.

PRAISE THE LORD for such good news!!

Thanks again we are very thankful for all fo you!!
Derek and Amanda


Amber Bowen said…
Yay!!! So encouraging. Congrats! Love you molto!!
Lauren Faison said…
Amanda that is such exciting news!!!