1 Year Anniversary!!!

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in a beautiful cabin in Boone. Thanks to Linda (my co-worker) we were able to have a place to stay for Free!!! It was so great!! I told Derek that since we did not have to pay to stay in a hotel I did not want to cook! I wanted a break from cleaning and cooking! So, we budgeted enough money for us to be able to go out every meal! It was amazing and i am so blessed to have a husband that would allow me to have a vacation from cooking and cleaning and everyday life! it was GREAT!!!! :) We went hiking and through caverns and walked through downtown Boone. We watched a movie every night and I (Amanda) could not stay up any later than 11:00pm. I was so tired by that point I could not keep my eyes open any longer!! haha!! (I'm getting old). :) We are getting internet on Wednesday and I will post pictures then and I will also post pictures of the new townhouse (for those of you wondering). :) What a GREAT 1 year! I am so glad to be married to Derek George! What an amazing man. I cannot say how wonderful this past year has been!!! :)


Lauren Faison said…
I am so glad you guys has a great 1 year! :0)