Folllowing Dreams/Taking a Path

Sunday at church our pastor started the sermon by saying, "Direction not intention, determines destination." When JD said this I thought, "well duh, this will be an easy sermon to listen to." It is funny because it is usually those that convict the most. When I think that it will not have as much of an application to me as someone else, I am usually convicted. haha!! JD went on to talk about how you might have dreams and you might want to be at a certain place in 5 or 10 years but unless you take the steps to get to that place you will not end up there. He mentioned college students...if you want to have a Christian home someday but you are dating a non-christian you are not taking the steps to get to where you want to be in the future. At this point I was thinking ok, *check* I married a godly man and I wanted a Christian home. but then he went on to talk about how it is our everyday decisions that determine our long-term. As I was pondering that I realized that so many times I do look too far into the future and yearn for when I will be a mom and Derek and I are where we will plant our lives. I cant wait to go on the mission field. I cant wait for that time and I let the daily decisions go the to side and I push through each day to get to a greater thing (future). My day to day here at seminary in class, working is just as important as when I am on the mission field with my husband, it is just as important as when I am a mom and Derek and I are in the place where God has us to plant our lives and serve him. I realized how convicting this sermon really is to my life now. I let the days go by and simply do my job because it brings in the money we need to live not because I am making daily decisions that effect my life years from now. So, all that to say, I was truly convicted this morning and realized I need to dedicate every day of my life to the Lord and think of everyday as a mission field even if I do work on SEBTS campus. I am still working for the Lord and his glory. I still need to take heed and make sure every step I take each day is working toward following what God wants me to do. JD said something that came from Martin Luther, There are only two days on my calendar that make a difference. THIS day and THAT day. This day that he is living in and judgement day. Those are the only days that matter. I am not guaranteed the future so I need to leave each day for the Lord, each step I take matters now and in my future. Why am I living for the future. How silly is that!! :) It is amazing what God teaches and it is so amazing to learn from such a great God.


Lauren Faison said…
Amanda I was convicted just reading your blog! I catch myself going through the motions daily and only talking of the future. God has us right where we need to be because everything happens in his timing!!! :0) thanks for the post!! Love you guys!
Mom B said…
Wonderful post Amanda...something each of us needs to remember to help us serve the Lord in this time and in this place! Thanks for sharing! Are JD's sermons online?
Linda, The sermons are online.

It was a challenging sermon for sure!!