Peanut Butter Cookie Debacle!!!!

I should leave the peanut butter cookie cooking to me sister-in-law (Ellen). I put these in the over for the least amount of time it told me to thinking they would need longer and they were burnt to a crisp. I don't think the pictures do it justice because the bottoms were black....Ok, my dear sister are the peanut butter cookie maker in this family!! :)


Mom B said…
Oh no...could you still eat them?
oh no...definitly unedible...Derek came home from class and looked at the bottom of everone looking for one he could possibly eat!! haha!! No such luck!! :)
Amber Bowen said…
Hey, despite the mixed results, (haha, yet another pun...) I would love the recipe! I have a jar of peanut butter someone brought and I have been wanting to let the Italians taste what peanut butter tastes like in a cookie. :) Mi manchate e vi voglio bene!! <3
Well, ours was Betty Crocker (add, water, oil, and an egg) but I will get a good recipe for ya form Grandma Keene!!! :) I will let ya know!! Love ya Ber~Ber!!!