Red Velvet Cupcakes!!

My absolute favorite cake is Red Velvet Cake. Well, my coworker told me about a baker who has a blog and will often put recipes on there I decided I wanted to try my hand as some recipes from scratch. This being one of them, Red Velvet cupcakes. I think they are pretty good for my first try! :) I hate to admit but I think this is the first thing I have truly made from scratch with out being with my grandmother-in-law or my great aunt. :) Here are some pictures to show my work and also, you can tell I had fun with the icing...definitly not a cake decorator!! ha!! I had fun though!

My next adventure is homemade pasta. I will let you know how that one turns out!! :-/

The Icing...Cream Cheese Icing!! My favorite!!! :)


Lauren Faison said…
this looks like it was alot of fun!!! I like the picture with the cupcakes at an angle!!! Maybe not a cake decorator (although I think they look great!) but def. a photographer!!! I love and miss you soo very much!!