Monday, October 5, 2009

Contest Pictures

I entered a contest for a photographers blog I follow. We had to send her pictures of something significant in our life. I posted the Bible that Derek gave me when we got engaged. We had to send 3 pictures. Here are the ones I sent!! :)
What makes this Bible special is: 1) Derek gave it to me when he proposed and 2) Ladies that were influential throughout my life wrote me letters in the front!! Amazing!!! :) I love it!!


Lauren Faison said...

I love the one in the middle!!! That was such a GREAT idea!!! I remember the day you guys got engaged!!! :0) I miss you!!

Derek and Amanda said...

The middle one is my favorite as well. Derek thought that 1st picture was the best. :) Hope you are having fun! Fall break is soon!! yay!!

Mom B said...

I love these are talented girl! Let us know if you win the got my vote!