Christmas Through the Years...

So, my co-worker decided to put up pictures of them at Christmas through the years they have been together. I decided to do the same!! :) It seemed like such a great idea!! we go!!

Year 1 - 2005 - My first trip to Alaska! We were in Kenai, AK that year. It was a wonderful trip to meet the future in-laws. I stayed with them for almost 2 weeks. :)

Year 2-2006- Derek was in Alaska and I was NC for the whole Christmas season. Therefore we do not really have a "Christmas" picture for this year. That Christmas was not so fun! We never did that again!! :)

Year 3 - 2007 - I went to AK with his family just after Christmas Day!! So good to be there with him!! :)

Year 4 - 2008 - We are married and we have our 1st Christmas and Christmas Tree. :)

Year 5 - 2009 - And 2nd Christmas married!!

What a good 5 years!! I love you my sweet husband soo very much and look forward to many, many, many more Christmas' to come!! :)


Tara said…
Yes, I loved this idea of Cynthia's... So glad you did it too!
Lauren Faison said…
aw this was such a great idea! so glad you did this! :0)