Biopsy and Stitches

Just for a WARNING!!! I have posted a picture of my stitches. :) For those that are not faint of heart and want to continue to the end of the post.  Feel free.  I still have these spots coming up on my legs.  I went to Duke University and they decided to take another biopsy.  This time a Bigger one!!! They had to take two biopsies and put in two stitches.  As much horseback riding I did and as many times as I fell off.  I have never once sprained anything, I have never broken a bone and I have never had stitches. Until now... Well...I guess having my first stitches at 23 years of age is not so bad.  Ok...for those that are as curious as I are my very first stitches EVER!!!

Scroll down for picture!! :D


Lauren Faison said…
im so proud of you for having your first stiches and getting them taken out! lol I hope everything turns out ok! love you!