June - Goals

So, I have decided to set goals for myself each month and blog about them so that I am telling more people than myself and maybe I will be more diligent to accomplish it. :)

Goals for June:
1. Lose 8lbs. Yes, I know that is about 2lbs a week but that is my goal!!!
2. Cook every dinner at home except for 1 night each week where we go out on a date (the only exception will be dinner with my grandma and great aunt - which we do occasionally).
3. Do the dishes everynight before I go to bed (no dishwasher and I normally really dislike doing the dishes - Derek does them more than me =) yay for sweet hubbies).
4. Take 1 night each week and clean the house.
5. Take care of our budget and receipts at least once a week.
6. Go on a date with my husband every week. (goes along with #2)
7. Get up every morning in time to have a few minutes in prayer and reading my Bible.
8. Read a book from beginning to end.

These are my goals. I will update at the beginning of July to let you know how I have done with each of them!!!



Lance and Cindy said…
I love this post! I often do SO much better accomplishing things if I WRITE them down and share them with others! I'll be encouraging you along the way, friend!!!
Lauren Faison said…
sounds like some reasonable goals!!! I hope you accomplish all of them!! YOU GO GIRL!!! :0)