This Week

This week I am staying with Tara Dew and helping her with the twins while Derek and Jamie are at camp! So far we have gone to the 4th of July Childrens Parade, The Nats made 4th of July cupcakes and we have had lots of good food with the Reid's and the Bakers! We had the College Girls Bible Study at Tara's house this week and tonight Lauren Faison will stay over for dinner and a movie tonight!! Woohoo!! So much fun!! =) Can't wait for the rest of the week, hanging out with such a sweet family!

Here is a picture with me and The Sam's with their 4th of July outfits on! The Nat's were swimming in the little pool on the porch! =)


Tara said…
We are so glad to have you!!!
Lauren Faison said…
yay i'm excited too!! :0)
cgclose said…
How sweet Amanda! They are so adorable! Have fun watching Anne tonight. Allison and I wish we were there to watch that with you!