August Goals - July Accomplishments

Okay...Life at the Georges has been B.U.S.Y. We love it but it has not left much time for blogging. :) I get home from work and I usually have a few minutes to change before we head out to meet people or I am cooking to host. This is what I have been wanting to do for a long time though. Below I will write out my August goals and then below I will write what I accomplished in July and what I didnt. :)

August Goals -

1. Read another book from start to finish. :)
2. Continue to lose weight(3lbs-goal)
3. Do a devotional everyday
4. Date my husband once a week
5. Organize our bathroom.
6. Enter reciepts for our budget every 2 weeks.

(At the beginning of August when we had our anniversary we decided one of the things we wanted to do was to get organized. My husband is awesome and immidiately started wtih his office. It is almost totally done! What a man he is).

What did I accomplish:

1. Do my Bible Study every day (not double up). - This one still needs a little work...It is a constant battle for me to get up early enough. It does not get done at night because we get so darn busy in the evening.

2. Maintain my weight (if I lose great). - I gained a little bit, but not much for being on vacation.

3. Do Dishes every night and clean one area of my house each night that we are in town. - This did not happen... :(

4. Read another book cover to cover. (this should not be hard seeing we have HOURS on planes this month). - DONE!!

5. Continue to date my husband on a weekly basis. - Mostly done...when we were both in town...

6. Keep up with budget once a week (except when I am in AK on Vacation...that would be difficult)...this did not happen. Our budget in July got all messed up. But thats ok it all worked out. :)

Here they are a little late and a little crazy but thats okay. That's life. I figure if I am not flexible, life would be very disappointing!! =)

Sorry, for not posting in a while, stay tuned because I think I am going to try to do an everyday challenge!!


Lauren Faison said…
its so great to hear about your goals!
Lauren V. said…
DO the everyday challenge! Haha. And I'm impressed with Derek jumping on the organization train. We're trying to get on it, but it's pulling out of the station without us...