Day 2: Favorite Movie

Favorite Movie:

Amanda: Anne of Green Gables - This is a classic. If you have not seen it and like movies that are set in an early 1900's time period (I think this is right, correct me if I am wrong...) you should totally watch this movie. I had them on VHS and basically wore those out and about a year after Derek and I got married he bought them for me on DVD. Occasionally, he will graciously watch them with me. :)

Derek: Gladiator - all around good movie. the soundtrack is great. I also like the story and the character development. (Amanda has never seen this movie...)

I have quickly realized...I am not a daily blogger...sorry to buildup the everyday thing and then let you down. :(

I have also realized how much I do not want to be at my computer when I come home from looking at a computer for 8hrs a day. :) I will update as much as I can. It might not be every day though!!


Tonichelle said…
Amanda - Good choice! I believe you are correct at what time period it is though I think it's considered "turn of the century". Could be wrong.
Lauren Faison said…
I have not seen either of those movies all the way through. Although I have seen HALF of Anne of Green Gables. On posting everyday, you should just sit down one weekend and answer some of the questions and PRE-post them..then you don't have to do it everyday just once and then blogger will post them for you! :0)
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