Thursday, August 12, 2010

Qutoe of the Day...Maybe even the Month...

I had a doctor appointment today and as Derek and I are sitting in the waiting room a new patient walked in. She was talking to the receptionist and she got all her paperwork and sat back down. It was only a few minutes later when they called the patients name to come back and see the doctor. The look on the patients face, to the receptionist must have said, "I am not done with all the paper work yet." Beacuse the recptionist says loud and clear so everyone can hear...

"Don't worry if you are not finished, you will have plenty of time where you're going."
*Extra emphasis on the italicized words.

Derek started chuckling then I did, I even had to nudge him to stop laughing because I was getting the giggles and that is not good because the receptionist was still sitting right there near us. Funny moment in the George Life!

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