Here We Go Again...

It has been 11 days since I last blogged. Can't believe how time just slips away!!

Wow! October has been a very interesting and busy month. It is always busy for me as at work this month. :) It is good! I would rather be busy than slow. That is what I tell myself every time I feel like I cannot get everything done. :) Be happy it is not slow.

A few October/November Happenings for the Georges:

1. I hosted a 31 Party for one of my friends. She is starting it as a side business. I looked at her magazine and fell in love with all the awesome items in it. I just knew I needed to host a party so, I could sell enought to get a free purse. :) Well my party did really well and I got 2 new purses, a new wallet, and a large tote with a "G" on it. Along with this i was able to get some Chrsitmas presents for really cheap! I was stoked! :) Derek and I were not sure how we were going to do Christmas this year and this really helped. If you are interested in 31 items or want to host a party feel free to contact Jade her website is: I am sure she would love to hear from you.

2. I am playing on a flag football team. Yes, my family has been cracking up about this. They are all coming out to see me play on Saturday. They said they are tailgating but, I have threatened them. Hopefully they will not do that.

3. The State Fair! This is always a highlight for us. We will go and eat! That is our favorite thing to do at the Fair. We try to eat better through the beginning of the month so we can totally slurge at the Fair!! I cannot wait to go!! :)

4. We have a few Youth Events coming up at church. We are having a Fall Retreat October 29-30. I am so excited about this for me and for the the youth. I think it will be a great time of growth and encouragement. I am so excited to see how this goes! Please be in prayer for the leaders and the youth that will be coming. Please pray the the youth will bring friends that might not be saved. Hopefully this will be a great outreach opportunity. :)

The youth will also have a Fall Clean-up at the beginning of November. We will go and help some of our homebound members by cleaning their yards.

5. I am hosting a Baby Shower for a dear friend. I am doing this as a youth event as well. This lady and her husband do so much for our youth, they are amazing and we love them dearly! :) I am looking forward to that coming up.

So, this is a few of the many activities that will be happening with us! I will try to update with pictures as much as possible. :)

Happy Fall!! By the way...LOVING this cooler weather. Bring on the sweaters!! =)


Lauren Faison said…
1. love the new blog back ground
2. Sounds like you guys are super busy
3. I wish I could be at the flag football game with your family! I bet that is so much fun!
4. The fall retreat sounds like a lot of fun! Are you guys going somewhere or are you doing it like a d-now?
5. Can't wait to see you again! I miss family so very much!
Love you!