The NC State Fair 2010

Derek and I went to the Fair by ourselves this year. While we were there, we found some other friends that were there by themselves too! We met up and made a double date out of it. Hannah and I sat and talked and so did Derek and Adam. We met them at about 7:00pm and it was 8:00pm that we found an empty bench and sat. We knew the fireworks were not until 9:45 so we figured we would be long gone before then. Well, much to our surprise, we were still sitting on the bench at 9:30pm. We decided to part ways before the fireworks and watch them closer to our cars. It was one of the best times at the Fair we have had. We had a date night and a double date all in one! :) Here are some picture to show our fun time!

Adam and Hannah rode the Ferris Wheel.
Derek and I stay on firm ground and watched. :)

A little Ferris Wheel history for you!

A yummy place for Steak Sandwiches!!

Derek and Amanda

From L to R: Adam, Hannah and Amanda
Derek had to take the picture.
I dont trust strangers with my camera.

Derek had to get a Fried Snickers Bar.

The Fireworks were GREAT! :)

What a fun time we had a the NC State Fair in 2010!!


Lauren Faison said…
So glad you guys had a great time at the fair! This is the first year in 20 that I have missed the fair!
Tara said…
How fun!

PS. Amen to the fried snickers and the Butcher boys!!!

PSS. Love your haircut!!!