Fun Month...

November to me is a start of the Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Birthday! All those holidays means lots of family time. I am so excited to work at a place that gives so much time off for these holidays. =)

We have a lot going on in November:

1. My work has a golf tournament on November 8th. This is a big deal for our office and it is a day that I look forward to, it is definitely a fun day out of the office and the normal day to day.
2. I am helping host a Baby Shower for Hannah Sharick. I am very excited about this. I have never hosted one before and I have a lot of sweet ladies to help me with it. :)
3. Derek and I are going to VA for a Student Development Trip. I have a friend that lives in the same area so, we are going to stay with them. What a fun time.
4. Thanksgiving Break - We are going to my parents family farm in VA for a whole week. I am so excited to get to spend this much time up there. It has been years...maybe even before college that I was able to spend that much time there. :)

I think we will also a few youth events throughout November as well. What a fun month! I cant wait!! =)

Happy November Everyone!!!


Lauren Faison said…
I look forward to all these holidays too because I get to spend alot of time with you! Love you future sister in law! :0)