It seriously feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing my October goals! Where in the world has October gone! I was just telling Derek the other night that when I was in middle and high school I wished that time would fly by and it seemed sooo slow and now that I am married and working in the "real world" I wish that time would slow down and it doesnt. Oh well, I guess sometimes the grass is always greener on the other side right?!?

well, accomplishments for October. I must admit, not many of them got accomplished. I was just so darn busy...and sick. :(

-Sit on my couch and read with the windows open and a pumpkin candle burning
-Read a book that is thought provoking-(Started but didnt Finish)
-Pray about what I want to pursue for my Masters Degreee (Make a decision and stick
to it-I tend to change my mind every week).

-Think about what I need for Christmas decorations
-Start Christmas shopping

All the items in Red, I have done, all the ones on black, I still need to work on!

A few of my new goals will include:
- making it a point to wake earlier in the mornings
- Christmas decorations.(On it already. Derek and I have been to the store and n new light strands. :) yay!)
- only 3 more Christmas presents to buy. Maybe I should put that on my list for this month and have it done with. :)
- pray for my husband on a daily basis. :)

Wow...bring on November!