Chattanooga and Chattanooga Cupcakes

When Derek and I were in Chattanooga over Christmas break we splurged and went to a cupcake shop! I dont have a picture of the cupcakes because, well, we ate them before we were able to take a picture but here is a picture of the box! haha! They were amazing! I think it would be the most awesome thing to own a cupcake shop. It was just cheery and cute inside and I LOVE cupcakes. Enjoy! If you are ever in Chattanooga you should get some cupcakes from here.

Enjoy a few other pictures from Chattanooga while I am writing about it! We had such a blast! :)


Lauren Faison said…
that is a GREAT picture of you and Derek! You look so pretty!
Casey said…
I Love Chattanooga Cupcakes! SUCH an awesome little shop! :) Love you two so much!