Guess What I Got!!!!

Lightroom!! As an full-time employee at an institution, I get 80% off of Adobe Products! I tried the 30 day trial version of Lightroom and loved it, so I decided it was worth the money, especially at 80% off!

Also, the laptop in the background is also new! Derek and I realized that with us both taking classes and going to the library, a new laptop was needed. We were blessed with some extra money at Christmas that we were not expecting, so, we decided the best was to spend it was a new laptop! I love it and Derek can use it in almost all his classes!


cgclose said…
Yay! I wish we could take a class together to learn how to use it. I have it, but haven't attempted to use it yet!
Love you!
Tara said…
Very exciting! Like your new design too!