Valentine's Day Tradition

So, back in 2006 I had no clue what to get Derek for Valentines Day. I didnt have much money to spend and seriously, what do you get a guy for Valentines Day?!? They can get a girl chocolate and flowers and be good. If you are not college students then maybe you can get your significant other a nice piece of jewelry. I digress, I had a delima, so I was scanning the picture frames at Target (I do this often by the way) I have this obession with picture frames. Wierd, I know, but again, I digress. I found one that day that you could write on. The light bulb came on, I can get a picture of us and write "Happy Valentines Day 2006" What a clever idea! I grabbed that $2 picture frame printed that $0.19 picture and TaDa! Inexpensive, sweet, heartfelt Valentines Day gift. haha! :) So, I knew I was taking a risk, we have only been dating a few years, what if he doesn't like it... well, he loved it and next year, he asked for the same thing. He has gotten one every years since. ;) Except this year, his frame is late, bad wife, I know. :) He will get it eventually!

Terrible picture but you get the point. :)


Linda said…
Great tradition Amanda,and fun to look back at your love through the years! Yu two are so cute. I have enjoyed reading your blog again.
Lauren Faison said…
what a great idea!!! For mine and Jake's first V-day I did the same thing except I got the picture frame that holds four pictures and it spins. The way the frame is set up inbetween all 4 pictures there is an empty space. I filled it with tootsie rolls! lol pictures are so wonderful and make such great gifts!
Tara said…
Very cute idea, Amanda!!!