Wow...It's Been A While!

So, sorry all my blogging friends! When life gets busy at the George House the blogging is the first thing to go!

What we have been up to...

My best friend is getting married on April 30, I am so excited for her! I can hardly stand it. I cannot wait to be there for her as her Matron of Honor. =) It's an amazing thing and I love her and I know as time goes on I will love her Hubby-to-be too just like she loves my hubs! Needless to say, that has been keeping me busy! Planning a party for her attending her Bridal Shower. I LOVE it!!!

Church has been awesome! We have had a Youth Spring Retreat this month that went extremely well. My husband rocks! I love working beside him in ministry! It just fits and I love it. I have learned so much from him, our church and my God and Savior! It's pretty amazing!

My other greatest friend in the whole world, Amber, for many years she was my cohort (until I married Derek, I really had to break it to her that he was just more handsome than her...!!) haha! She is home from Italy!!! I love her to death! I have missed her so much! Our schedules have clashed so, I have not seen her as much as I would like but at least she is here until August. Man, I will miss her when she returns to Italy with no return date in mind. It makes me sad just thinking about it! =-/ I guess that is life in the real world folks!

So, on the other hand, Derek has been hard at work studying for classes and such. It has been good but busy! One day this school thing, will be done. It will be a bitter-sweet moment. Sometimes it seems like it will be more sweet than bitter...but ya know!

Well, this is the Life of the George's these days! Church, work, school and friends! We love this crazy ride we call LIFE!!! =)


Lauren Faison said…
Oh sweet future sister in law! I love reading your updates! I love how eventhough we do not talk much while I am away at school when we do get together we can pick up right where we left off! I'm so glad I am going to be part of your family! Love you!