Awana Video

This is Derek and I love the Awana ministry. We are very blessed to have Awana at Stony Hill and I love the impact it is having on our little ones and adults. They let me make the video for our closing ceremonies this year. I had so much fun putting it together. I wanted to share it with everyone. ( Its my first vid and I have to say. Its worth buying a MAC just to be able to make vids... But i digress. ) If you are looking for a great ministry to get your kids plugged into I would highly recommend Awana to any and everyone. Not only for kids but I really feel like it is a great way to get adults into ministry. The focus is on the gospel and scripture. It's great stuff! :) Please watch the video! :)


Tara said…
Yay! It worked and you embedded it!!! Thanks again for making the video. I loved it and thought it was our best one yet!