Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slumber Party at Grandma's House

My grandmother has 6 grandchildren. My cousin put together a night where we would all come over and spend the night with my grandma. We had only done this 1 other time and my grandparents swore they would never do it again. I think 6 of us was a little much. haha! So, anyway, it is just my grandma now and we decided to surprise her. haha! and boy was she surprise when we all came waltzing in with our bags and said, how about a slumber party?!? I think her only thought was...Oh no...we have tried this before! haha. the girls (there are 3 of us) bought items to cook dinner and dessert. It was so much fun. We reminded my grandma that we were old enough to take care of ourselves and we could even take care of her. lol. We did all the cooking and had a blast. It was the night that all the tornadoes came through the Raleigh area. So we had to cook on propane stove and play cards by candle light. We could not have asked for a more fun and entertaining night. Once the electricity came back on we played "just Dance" on the Wii...lets just say the next family gathering we had a not of laughs. haha! My cousin videoed a lot of the dances. haha. Here are some pictures of our fun-filled night!! :-)


Linda said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I'm sure your Grandma will treasure that time with the grandkids forever!!

Larissa said...

I can only imagine how special that was for your grandmother!!

Lauren Faison said...

You should TOTALLY put up some of the videos!!! they were HILARIOUS!!