April 21, 2011

*These were my thoughts just a few days after....I laughed at my wordiness and how giddy I must have been. haha!...enjoy!*

This is the date we found out we were pregnant. How did it happen…Well, I was going on 3 days late with minimal period symptoms. I also had minimal pregnancy symptoms also. We were not necessarily “trying” to get pregnant we totally just left if in the Lords hands and apparently He wanted us pregnant the first month. Haha! ☺ Amanda took the test on a lunch break from work. Thankfully it was a later lunch break so she did not have a whole lot left to accomplish in the office that day. We were so excited that we went that night to get Amanda’s Mom and Dad a gift to tell them the news. Unfortunately with Derek’s parents living so far away it is a little different breaking the news to them. We could not wait very long to tell either set of parents. We did not tell anyone but parents at this point because we wanted to wait until we were 12 weeks along before letting out the big news. Our neighbors were the only close friends we told. We were really glad we told them for a couple of reasons. The first is that they are leaving the last week of May and we will not see them again until October or possibly even December (a few weeks before Amanda is due to have little Baby George). So, we wanted them to know and we wanted to tell them in person. It was funny because Shawna had told us that she wanted us to get pregnant before they left and that she had something for us. Their boys are like little nephews to us they love us like we are family and we love them like they could be our own. So, Shawna had pulled out a few of the boys clothes that they could not wear any more and set them out for us. So, she was so excited to give those to us. We were equally excited that our little one will wear clothes that Kephas and Malachi wore. ☺ How special!! So, we are telling Amanda’s parents hopefully on the 22nd and we are telling Derek’s parents as soon as possible. ☺ Yay for pregnancy!!!


Lauren Faison said…
LOVE this!! I'm so glad you wrote down your thoughts!!! Thanks for sharing!