17/18 Week Survey

I am posting this one a little early since I am combining,

How Far Along:
18 Weeks (almost - Saturday will be 18)

Baby's become amazingly mobile (compared to you, at least), passing the hours yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing. And baby is finally big enough that you'll soon be able to feel her movements.
*Information from www.thebump.com

Size of Baby: 5.6 inches/6.7oz

*Photo is from www.thebump.com

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not sure...I forgot to weigh the past couple of weeks.

Maternity Clothes: yes! :)

Gender: We don't know yet. We will not find out until the baby is born.

Movement: Nothing more yet! I cannot WAIT to start feeling the munchin move around. :)

What I Miss:
Not really anything...

Sleep: Sleep is good...I need more than I get but I sometimes wake up it depends on the week or the day as to wether I get up at night.

Cravings: Healthier meals now not just meat and potatoes. Craving more vegetables and healthy snacks.

Best moment this week: It was not this week but week 16 (one of the two I have missed) and I got to hear the heartbeat again. If the old wives tale holds true we might be having a girl. The first time we heard the heartbeat it was 153 and the second time was 165. I think the wives tale is over 139bpm and it is a girl under 139bpm it is a boy. We shall see. Anyone know if this held true with their kids???

What We Are Looking Forward To: Life slowing down a little when the summer is over and school starts back. Derek will be busy with school and work but summer has been insane!!


leah said…
Sounds like you are doing great! It held true with Emery! She was always in the 160's and then the 140's!
Cindy Lou said…
Same thing with Lucy! Her heartbeat was never below 145! Love you, friend!
Tara said…
So glad you are doing so well! You look great too!

PS. I don't really remember the different heartbeat numbers, but I think my girls' beats were always higher than the boys :) So we might be seeing a lot of pink come December!!!