Friday, July 1, 2011


So, I am have been very blessed by my neighbor who has loaned me maternity clothes. I knew Derek and I could not buy very much anyway but it was such a blessing for her to give me so much. She is due with her 2nd child in just a few weeks. So she brought trash bags full of clothes that she can no longer wear. And, she said she will have more for me after the baby comes! What a blessing!!!! I have bought 1 pair of dress pants (she did not have to have any) and a few winter dresses since that I what I am going to need most in a few months. :) I am so excited to have maternity clothes and not have to buy them!! Such sweet friends and sweet blessings!! I hope I can be a blessing to someone like she has been to me!


Cindy Lou said...

Love it! You better be taking photos of your cute pregnant self!

Linda said...

What a blessing for you! I remember a similar post by Leah with trash bags full of maternity clothes. Can't wait to see you wearing them:)

Larissa said...

It is a blessing to have those given to you! My sister gave me two giant tubs of clothes - and in all of my pregnancies hardly had to buy a thing. It's a little hard to stomach paying so much for something you use for such a short time.