20 Week Ultrasound

On Monday this week Derek and I went in for the 20 week ultrasound to see our little one and to make sure everything was still growing correctly! It would be the time that you find out the gender but we are still holding strong to not finding out. :) We did have the ultrasound tech take a picture of the gender but she printed it and put it in an envelope and stapled it before we saw it. She was an awesome tech and even switched us to 4D for a while and took a few pictures for us. We had decided ahead of time that going in for a special 3D/4D ultrasound was not something we wanted to spend money on. I was thrilled she switched it for us. It is funny because as soon as she switched it, it was on baby's face and we saw his/her nose. Oh my word...it was definitely my nose. lol. I know a lot can change in the next 20 weeks but if the nose stays the same it is definitely from the Goetze side.

A few of the things that the ultrasound tech noticed is:

A big head! She was measuring the head and..."Oh my, thats a big noggin." She said it is still within the correct range just on the bigger side. Oh my...that should be fun come delivery time. :)

She also said that baby is measuring 6 days ahead of schedule so that would put him or her coming on Christmas Day. I hope that baby will hold off until at least December 26th but in the long run it doesn't really matter. Just a healthy baby is all that matters to me!

And it wouldn't be a blog post without some pictures...so have fun looking at our alien looking child. :)

On the right foot you can see the little toes!

Pursing the lips! So cute (at least to a mother these pictures are cute! haha).

There were also a few pictures of the baby's belly (non 4D) and my mom was like your baby is already chubby look at that belly. haha! Oh well...chubby baby coming soon!!


Tara said…

I am so excited to see your cutie pie! Love these pictures and hearing about your ultrasound.
Lauren Faison said…
love these sweet pictures!!! Can't wait till next semester!!!