21 Week Survey

How Far Along: 21 weeks

Size of Baby: 10.5" and 12oz.

*Photo is from www.thebump.com

Maternity Clothes: yes! :)

Gender: We have a picture of the gender stapled up in an envelope. Still holding strong to not finding out! I just found out that a friend of mine is not finding out either and she is due January 24. So that will help me I think.

Movement: Yes. They are getting stronger and stronger. There are a few times I that I am sure they could have been felt outside. Of course, Derek was not in the room for those times. Anytime he puts his hand on my belly to feel them that baby does not move at all.

What I Miss: Not much really. I found a good pair of maternity blue jeans...that helps my missing normal clothes.

Sleep: Just fine!

Cravings: Not too many!

Best Moment This Week: Feeling the baby start moving and kicking more and stronger. It is so neat. I absolutely love it!

What We Are Looking Forward To: Just the progression of baby and seeing how the next few months go!


Lauren Faison said…
oh how cool!! Can't wait to come home for a visit!! Please Please Please post tummy pictures! I feel like I am going to miss so much of the growing process by not being home!! Upon Aunt Lucy's request PLEASE put up tummy pics!