We have iPhones!!!

We have caved to the trend of iPhones.  Actually, to be honest we didn't "cave" until we realized that no phone company sells good phones that you dont have to have a data plan with.  Seriously?!? We dont really have a need to have data on our phone and quite honestly I would rather save that $30-month than spend it on something I dont need.  But I digress, we decided to switch phone providors because of a better plan that was offered.  So, off we go to get our messaging phones (can someone tell me how I somehow gave in to paying $30-for text messaging but I cant pay $30 for data?) I guess it is just putting those two together and knowing I am spending $60 on messages and data.  Anywho, we went into the cell phone store and told the sales lady we wanted to best possible messaging phone without data.  We bought 1 that she said was good but she had had a few come back but she referred to the iPhone and said that it was the #1 returned phone then they fixed the problems and now it is the #1 phone to buy.  With that being said, we got the ones she suggested.  Within 36 hours the phone turned off (on its own) and would not turn on until I took the battery out and then the screen froze up 2x and wouldn't come back on until I took out the battery and the phone restarted iteself and told me there was an error and it needed to reboot.  Seriously?!?! All this in less than 36 hours of owning the phone (This was a Sunday evening).  So Monday Derek took them back to the store and the man told him that that was the best phone they have to offer that is non-data.  So Derek calls me to tell me his froze on the way to the mall and he thinks we should maybe upgrad to a smartphone.  Well, to me, there is no smartphone other than the iPhone.  None compare.  Not to mention Derek and I have a thing for Apple products, the iPhone was about the only Apple product we didnt own (this is a sad, sick, expensive obsession).  At least they have good products right?!? So, here we are now, with iPhones. I must admit, I was nervous since we are having a baby and we are not sure what our income will look like come about February.  But we decided we couldn't deal with stinky phones and it was the best decision to make. I cannot even tell you how happy I am with having the iPhone.  It is so helpful to be able to send emails wherever I am and respond if I am out of the office and across campus. I am amazed at how often I have thought, I really like this phone after owning it just 1 week.  We decided there are other ways we can cut the budget to make the data plan work! :-) Love. the. iPhone.


Tara said…
Yay! Welcome to iPhone world :) There is truly no comparison!!!
Cindy Lou said…
We are still stuck in the dark ages but we've been discussing it lately. :) You will LOVE the camera!!! Especially with a new baby!