Thomas' Birth Story - Part 1

Now that the family is gone I have been able to sit and think about the blog for a little while.  So here is the 1st part of Thomas' birth story!

It was 4am on Saturday morning when I felt a small gush, knowing I didn’t pee on myself I wondered what it was and then another gush.  Once the 2nd gush happened I knew exactly what it was.  I sat up and told Derek, “I think my water just broke!” He shot up too and got and said, “Are you serious?!?”  I said, “Yes, call my mom.”  He looked at me a few seconds later and said, “Well, we’re having a baby today!”  It is hard to wrap your mind around that when you are 2 weeks early.  My mom went late with me and all my siblings so I never dreamed I would be on time much less EARLY!!! Holy cow! I was totally ready for the baby to arrive home but I was not ready to be in the hospital.  I had not packed my bag, I had not pre-registered at the hospital.  I was NOT ready, but Thomas was ready to be here. 

I was told by friends to get something to eat on your way to the hospital since you can’t eat anything once you get there.  So we drove through McDonald’s and I got a plain biscuit and was only able to eat about ½ of it because I was nervous about what the day would hold.  I called my mom and asked her to stop at the store and get me some sour suckers of some sort so that I could eat those while in labor. 

I was not having any contractions so it was a nice drive to the hospital, other than being soaking wet.  I was drenched when we went into the hospital and I was really glad I would not see anyone in the waiting room ever again.  It was quite embarrassing.  They send me to the maternity triage waiting room and the nurse comes in and looks at me and says, “What happen to you?” I said, “Well, my water broke.”  She said are you sure it is not just pee?  I said, “Ma’am if this is pee that is really impressive.” (I guess my filter doesn’t work at that time of the morning.) She said, I believe you no need to go to triage lets take you straight to a labor and delivery room and get this started. 

Soon after getting in the room my parents got there and we all were just hanging out my contractions were so small I could not even feel them. We would walk and walk and walk.  They gave me the smallest amount of Pitocin and my contractions were slowly getting stronger and stronger.  I waited as long and I could and then could not take it any longer and got an epidural. It was WONDERFUL!!! It was literally pain free.  I could not believe it.  Labor lasted from about 5:30am when we got to the hospital until 7:00pm and I was 9cm dilated.

Unfortunately 7pm was shift change so I had to wait a while before I could start pushing.  Once they changed shifts I started pushing.  They decided they thought he was sunny side up meaning his face was facing up and that makes it very difficult to have vaginally. Unfortunately they tried to turn him and he was facing the side and then when we tried to get him to move he moved sunny side up.  I pushed for 3 hours and then told them I could not do it any longer. I had a fever after about hour 2 and so did Thomas.  After pushing for an hour with a fever I was beyond exhausted.  It was time to give in.

I will finish with part 2 soon!! =) 


Tara said…
I'm so glad that you are writing this down! You will be so glad that you did in years to come!
Lauren Faison said…
I am so glad I was part of that day! You mom did such a great job keeping us all updated on how you were doing! I remember when you dad told us you had a fever! We were all so worried! Then everything turned out fine! I love you and little Thomas!
Cindy Lou said…
I was so excited to see this today! Thanks for sharing and cannot wait for part 2!!!