2 Months Old!

Thomas is officially 2 months old! I cannot believe it!! He has grown so much.  We took him to the doctor this week and he was 12lbs. 9.5oz (75%) and 23.75" (80%).  He is s growing boy! The doctor said he was looking good and healthy and can go start staying in the church nursery.

A few things Thomas has started learning/doing this month:

- Cooing and Babbling 
     This is so precious he's "talking" all the time! Hmmm...we might be in for it when he learns words. =)
- Holding his head up when I put him in his bumbo. 
       (I hold my hand behind him as support because he is still working on his neck strength but he does
        really well).
- Smiling in response.  
       So precious. This is the best thing, he knows who we are and will smile at us when we talk to him.
- Tummy Time and Bumbo Time 
        We have tummy time and bumbo time every day to help the strength in his arms and neck.

Here are some pictures and a video that I send to his Grammy in Alaska! =) Enjoy!!

2 Months!
(I couldn't get him to smile for this one so I added some smile pictures)

This video was what I sent to his Grammy! Please excuse the baby talk. lol. 


Tara said…
He's a cutie pie!!! Love his smile!
Lauren Faison said…
he is so stinking cute! I love him!