Birth Story - Part 2

Once I told them I could not possible push any longer.  They decided it was time for a c-section.  I had been afraid of a c-section while I was pregnant but when the time came it did not bother me at all.  I was so ready to meet my baby and so ready for it to all be over I didn’t care at all.  Since I had an epidural they had to take it off when I went to push so by the time they took me out for the c-section I was having awful contractions and what was really about 15-20 minutes felt like hours! The contractions were awful and I had to stay in the bed since I had had an epidural and was still partly numb.  After I got into the OR they were trying to numb me and it wasn’t working.  They would use something to pinch they area they would cut and I could still feel it. This took quite a while (at least I was numb enough that I wasn’t feeling the contractions!! =] )  This whole time poor Derek is in a little room waiting for them to come get him after I was numbed.  Eventually they decided they would have to put me under for the surgery. Again, at that point the nurses and doctors were concerned that I would have a problem with it and I did not.  Whatever you need to do to get this baby out I don’t care what it takes just get this baby out of me! A nurse went in to tell Derek they will have to put me under and he will not be able to be in there for the c-section.  Derek not being able to see me asked the nurse if I was nervous? She told him I was a little nervous but I would be ok! First of all, I was not nervous and I felt bad they told Derek I was because that made him nervous! Poor guy.  Derek said it was only about 10 min after they came to tell him that he could not come back that they called him to come meet his baby.  The nurse knew we did not know the gender so when Derek asked her what the gender is she said she is not going to tell him he has to see for himself! A few seconds later he met our little boy! He stayed with Thomas the whole time after that while he was getting cleaned and while he was in the nursery.  My parents were able to meet Thoams in the hallway but was not allowed to hold him until I held him.  So at this point, Derek was the only one holding Thomas and everyone was jealous but understood. They were telling me that my grandmother (Thomas’ great grandmother) was about to crash down the nursery door to get to him! =)

While everyone was trying to get to Thomas I was in post-op.  I had never had surgery before so all this was new to me.  As soon as I was conscious enough to talk I said 2 things.  The first was asking the nurse the gender of my baby.  The second thing I said was, Wow, I can see my feet! Haha.  I was lying on my back and the last time I was lying on my back I couldn’t see my feet. I am sure the nurse thought I was crazy! lol.

Thomas was born at 10:40pm on Deember 17 and I saw him at 1:00am on December 18.  Everyone stayed except for my poor dad who was exhausted since he had been there since 5:30am and my oldest brother left early. My mom, grandmother, 2 of my brothers and my middle brother’s fiancé (Aunt Lucy) and my cousin Brittany all stayed until after I held Thomas because then they could hold him!

Wow! What a time we had! We were all so happy Thomas was finally here!! =)

Now for a few pictures!!

It's a BOY!! 

Meeting his Daddy!

Uncle Pat

Uncle Jake

Brittany (my cousin)

Aunt Lucy (Uncle Jake's Fiance)

Opa (My Dad)

Grandma B

Uncle Buck
Me and my boy!

First Family Photo

4 Generations

GiGi and Thomas


Tara said…
Yay! So glad that you wrote down the last of the birth story! You will be so glad you have it recorded for years to come!
Lauren Faison said…
Derek stayed with Thomas during his bath so we wouldn't have any Switched at Birth issues! :o) I'm so glad I stayed and was able to meet sweet Thomas! I love him so much!
Alison said…
Thanks for taking the time to share! I enjoyed reading it. Thomas is so incredibly adorable!!!