January 17, 2012 - Thomas 1 month old

This is sooo late.  I find that it is a luxury to get on the computer these days (Thankfully I have FB and Pinterest on my phone).  At night I am usually so tired that I don't want to get on the computer to post! Goodness! =) haha! I LOVE being a Mom it is wonderful!!! Here is his 1 month picture:

This was about the last time I could fit him into newborn clothes. He has made such progress in his alertness, his growth, and sleeping.  He usually gives me a couple hours at night.  This is progress from NO sleep at night.  Thanks to a few friends I have learned how to work him into a schedule.  It has worked so well. We have a few videos of his crying.  He gives it all he has when he is mad and he always wants us to know it.  Another big milestone is that he will now cry himself to sleep (this probably happened right after his 1 month mark).  He cries for less than 10min and then he is out cold. We have not been to the pediatrician since he was 2 weeks old so I will update his stats at 2 months. He has grown so much even since this picture here. I cant believe he is really almost 2 months now.  I really need to finish the birth story before I forget!

Thank you loyal readers.  Maybe when he starts sleeping longer hours I can get on here to post more often.


Linda said…
He is so big! Don't worry, just blog when you can and enjoy every moment with your son!
Cindy Lou said…
We have all been there and understand-- just know that we love your updates--whenever they come!
Tara said…
What a cutie pie you have! So thankful that the scheduling is working :) And yes, just post when you can!