Sweet Easter Gift!

A few days ago we received a card in the mail for Thomas.  It was from his Great, Great Aunt that lives in California!! We opened the card and this is what we found!

The Letter reads:

"Dear Derek and Amanda, 
Please put this $2.00 bill in Thomas Hunter's baby book.  I have carried it in my wallet now for over 50 years.  Your Great Uncle Linn and I were married in 1956 and we bought our first business in the 1958 (54 years ago). We lived in Ukiah, California and we called it Mendocino Beverage Distributors which covered the entire county of Mendocino.  This $2.00 bill is real and it was the first one he received when making deliveries.  Since I did the business books I stuck it in my wallet and have carried it ever since.  It is now time it found a new home and who better than my first Great, Great Nephew on my side of the family.  Easter 2012.  Thomas's 1st Easter. 
Aunt Dot"

Thank you so much Great, Great Aunt Dot! This is so special and we will all treasure it forever and hopefully Thomas will have it for 50 years or more before he passes it on to a special person! What a sweet Easter gift!!