May 17, 2012 - 5 Months Old

Thomas is 5 months old today!!! He is growing so big so fast.  It is amazing all the changes recently.

Sleeping/Eating: Thomas sleeps on average about 9-10 hrs each night.  I am okay with that.  It makes for early mornings because he has started needing to go to bed around 8-8:30pm so them he decides to wake up around 5-5:30am.  Thankfully he will usually go right back to sleep for about another 3 hrs. He sleeps on his belly, last month he started flipping in the middle of the night.  Now as soon as I lay him down he goes straight to his belly.  He has been eating every 3 hours but I have been recently trying to get him to go a little longer more like 3.5-4hours.  It depends on the day.  :) No solids yet.  At 4 months he was 92% in weight so I think he doesn't need anything more yet.  We will probably start that at 6 months.

Clothing: Little T is wearing anywhere from 6-12 month clothes! He definitely fills out 6 month clothes and 12 months can be a little big but still fit.  My goodness! He is such a big boy.

Talking and Smiling: He talks all the time.  He still smiles at everyone but is becoming a little more apprehensive with people he doesn't know.

New Things: Thomas has loved his new pool that we got.  He has really started grabbing at the things he like/wants.  He has even started reaching for people when he wants to go to them.  Crawling - He is starting to stick his bum up in the air but has not figured out how to get his belly off the ground.  Precious! Sitting - He sitting a little more and is becoming quite steady.  I think he would be better at it but his curiosity gets the best of him and he tries to get to things and loses his balance. He is so sweet! I love everyday and I love that I can spend every day all day with my little boy!


Rebecca Pearl said…
Awww, He is getting so big! I CANNOT wait, til we visit and I can hold him :-)