Thomas Meeting Auntie Amber

Amber was my college roommate for 3 of the 4 years we were in college.  She also came and lived with me for the summer before Derek and I got married.  Amber and I have stayed close all these years and now she is in Italy teaching school.  Well, she had to come back to the states for a really quick trip (like 5 days) and she was able to meet Thomas!! There are only 2 girls in my life that are not family but are close enough to me they get "Auntie" status with my children.  One of those is Amber!! Cant wait to see her again in just a few weeks!

We love you Auntie Amber! So glad to get to see you!!!


Linda said…
So good to see Amber again and I know it meant the world to both of you for her to finally meet your adorable Thomas! Give her my love!
Cindy Lou said…
Oh my word. Thomas just gets cuter all the time!