6 Months Old - June 17, 2012

I cannot even believe that Thomas is 6 months old!! He is progressing so well and seems to be right where he is suppose to be. This post is a little late because we didn't go to the pediatrician for his 6 month appointment until June 21.

Stats: 19lbs 1.5oz. (75%) and 27.5" (80%)

Sleeping/Eating: He had his first bit of rice cereal the day he turned 6 months.  The previous post gives the details on starting his solids.  Sleeping - for some reason instead of going 10hrs each night he has cut back to about 8hrs.  Not sure why but I am not too worried about it, he is still a really good sleeper. I have friends that are really excited when their baby sleeps 8hrs a night and that is Thomas's normal to short night for me.  So, no complaining from this momma! Naptime: he is beginning to put himself on a short morning nap and a long afternoon nap. I love this schedule and don't know what I would do without my few hours in the afternoon.  He is also starting to put himself to sleep. Being almost 20lbs he is getting too heavy to bounce to sleep. My arms get too tired.  I usually put him to bed and he play for a few minutes then he decides he is done and cries for a few minutes. I give him his paci then he is out cold.  This is normal for naps and night time.

Clothing: He is in 6-12 month clothes. I think pretty much the same as last month.  He didn't gain as much weight this month but he still gained the length like normal so he still easily fits in 9 month and the 6 month things are getting a little small.  The small 6 month clothing items I have already put away and if I buy anything new, I buy it in 12months. He is in size 3 diaper and has been for while.  He has some serious blowouts. So size 3, Pampers Swaddlers were the best diapers for Thomas.

Talking/Smiling: Thomas has started babbling different sounds that are not "words" but are consonants and vowels together such as "bababa" =) It is very cute.  He is so smiley and loves people.  He is such a little people person already (I think he gets this from his Daddy). I love our smiley boy so much!

New Things: He is sitting no problem.  The pediatrician was so happy with that.  She asked me if he could sit with support and she was so impressed when she saw that he does not even need any support. I don't trust leaving him on hard surfaces without a pillow behind him. But I will leave him on our  carpeted floor without any support at all and he does really well.  He is also "scooting" and rolling now.   He rolls as a mode of transportation.  He can get almost anywhere he wants by rolling to it. He has recently started scooting backwards especially.  He is still learning how to scoot forwards. We are going across the country to meet some of Derek's relatives in July and I feel sure he will be crawling by then. So crazy to think about that.  He is growing too fast.

Alright and after all that writing here is his super cute 6 month picture!

6 Months Old


Tara said…
Such a big cute boy!
LoriAnne said…
he is so beautiful! What a great momma you are!
Cindy Lou said…
Happy half birthday cute boy!!!

Amanda, he is so sweet! Love all the pictures you share!